The Science Behind Happiness

Life’s Too Short to Not Be Happy!

Did you know happiness is a lifelong pursuit that actually requires some work?

Also, happiness is a choice. Life will test your happiness because nothing is perfect.

Lastly, happiness is contagious! It’s a proven fact that how others feel the effects of our mood.

Choosing happiness is scientifically linked to benefiting health and life expectancy. There are many misconceptions on what will make us happy; the truth is external factors fall short time and time again. By boosting your happiness, you can learn to cope with life’s challenges more effectively.

My goal is to show you some proven techniques for increasing happiness, which is why I invite you to attend my next webinar, The Science Behind Happiness, on Monday, September 16th at 5:00 pm PDT.

During this experience, you will finally have the chance to debunk what you have come to believe about happiness, and how to overcome these myths!

Happiness Secrets Revealed

Myth - I’ll be happy when I’m married to the right person.

It makes sense to believe finding the right person will complete us, which in turn will make us happy. And there is evidence that having meaningful relationships can improve happiness. However, marriage isn't a magic bullet for everlasting happiness.

Myth - Landing my dream job will make me happy.

At the root of this myth is the misconception that although we’re not happy now, “fill in the blank” will make all the difference. The problem lies in the unexpected problems that can arise from said job, and poof the happiness is gone.

Myth - I’ll be happy when I’m rich and successful.

This one can be a recipe for disaster because when that happiness proves elusive or short-lived, we can be left feeling let down and even depressed.

The truth is, these are all external factors that we’d like to believe we can control, but cannot.

During my class, I’ll uncover the science behind happiness. We’ll examine what a number of prominent researchers and happiness experts have found after years of study. Some of the findings might surprise you!

We’ll discuss where in the brain happiness can be triggered, hormones related to happiness, and techniques for improving your overall happiness.

Hosted by:

Nancy Pickard

Be Happy Everyday

I am motivated to share proven techniques for obtaining and maintaining happiness. Life really is too short to wait for happiness. By learning to achieve happiness now will make those successes that much sweeter.

We need to retrain our brains to overcome the pitfalls of negativity.
We tend to compare our own life to others on social media.
We put ourselves in isolation when feeling unhappy.
We blame others or circumstances for bad things that happen.
We forget the only thing we have control over is our own reactions to situations.
We complain about how bad things are wich reaffirms negative beliefs.

With a little practice, we can improve our happiness and that of those around us.

One way you can help is by inviting those closest to you to this webinar, The Science Behind Happiness.

This is guaranteed to be a positive experience you can carry with you for days to come!

Can’t Wait To Share With You On Monday, September 16th At 5:00 pm PDT!